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News and Events
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Market Leadership and Breakthrough Results
“Market Leaders” are typically viewed as companies with the highest revenue share but that’s a symptom, not a strategy to get there, and today’s revenue doesn’t predict tomorrow’s leadership. Innovators looking to lead need a strategic roadmap to break through the clutter and establish market leadership. Here are milestones, along with success stories, we’ve used to get there:

Product Breakthroughs
“Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About” is more than a song title; it’s the key to breaking into a market..read more

Product Awards
A great technology is just the beginning. The key to solidifying market entry is.. read more

Service Quality
Market awareness opens doors, but it takes demonstrating a high level of quality to turn awareness into..read more

Market Linkage
Sustaining a profitable business against the next challenger requires turning market acceptance into..read more

Snapshot of Accomplishments
Strategies & Leadership for High-Tech Innovators

Built a network services company from zero to a $50M revenue run rate with nearly 300 employees in 15 months. Prepared company for IPO while building the largest Internet access network in North America. —NaviPath Inc.

Scaled eight-business unit division of a high tech “invention” company from $45M to $105M in 15 months while commercializing a government-funded, 500-person R&D group and raising $42M from a Japanese project partner to develop the world’s fastest internet router. —BBN Corporation

Grew mature electronics business 40% in a recessionary year to more than $100M while getting five autonomous operating companies to collaborate around a common goal. Developed multi-channel relationship marketing initiatives and led a 50-member national accounts sales force. —Sony Electronics, Inc.

Developed and productized the world’s smallest microelectronics MEMS IMU, enabling innovative GPS-denied navigation and situational awareness systems. —InterSense Inc.

Be part of a book in process!

If you own or run a business, you face challenges. The good news is that many other people in your shoes have faced them as well. We’re capturing their experiences and the lessons they teach in a six-part eBook series entitled Course Correcting – 6 Steps to Getting your Business On Track!

The first installment Course Correcting – Crafting an Operating Strategy that Fits You! is available now. Click here to get your copy.

The series draws on the insights of a Delphi Council of more than fifteen expert business leaders to address the issues from several perspectives while it also links you to an extensive array of online resources which we’ve researched to dramatically expand the knowledge base available to you from this eBook, all instantly available at the click of a mouse!

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One such product breakthrough achieved under Mr. Browne’s leadership was the micro-miniature NavChip, the world’s smallest 6-DOF microelectronics IMU, which provided unparalled precision in a lightweight, low-power human-wearable inertial tracking system. Its development was an intensive multi-year effort leveraging a small internal team of inertial tracking and miniaturization experts with sophisticated outside manufacturing resources capable of producing this RF-insensitive, surface-mountable, chip-scale device.
T.C. helped create new product awareness and legitimacy in the eyes of the market for another new product breakthrough via Product Awards. Informal buzz and public recognition were created after he secured the “Network Computing New Product Award” for Gold Wire Technology’s Formulator line of infrastructure control appliances, which enabled companies that operated distributed networks and servers to secure those systems against unauthorized access while documenting their integrity for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.
Network Computing New Product Award
Quality service isn’t normally equated with a “breakthrough” but demonstrating that quality IS the door to market acceptance. At NaviPath, Mr. Browne led the way to building North America’s most-extensive v.90 Internet access network, reaching 96% of the population of the continental U.S. and Canada in 15 months from start-up and recording 100% core network uptime from inception. Service performance consistently equaled or exceeded the national carrier average while supporting over 50 million sessions per month on a 24x7x265 network, recognized by Network World as the Top ISP in North America in a tie with AT&T.
North America’s most-extensive, highest-quality v.90 Internet access network
As an example of translating market acceptance into market leadership, InterSense’s proven product performance and exceptionally-responsive service quality led to its systems being installed in virtually every military flight simulator operated by the U.S. and NATO. Their systems became the standard motion-tracking solution specified in competing bids by prime contractors. They established the same leadership in the entertainment world, being specified by directors in every animated production in Hollywood over the last several years. Once your ecosystem depends on you, it demands that you succeed!
Installation in virtually every flight simulator operated by the U.S. and NATO and use in every animated production in Hollywood